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We Started at the Top" :: The Story Behind CIELE Athletics' Innovative Running Caps

We Started at the Top" :: The Story Behind CIELE Athletics' Innovative Running Caps

A simple idea is usually the best idea, especially in this complex world of ours. We seem to always be wanting more. A little is never enough. Big everything. More everything. Mass produce everything. The reality is that you don’t need more. All you need are things that last. Not the flavor of the week, but the flavor of the century. Well-fabricated and well-thought-out. It goes beyond design and should only remain in that philosophy. A fragment of thought imprinted into your brain.

I once read from a book called REWORK by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, that stated that entrepreneurs are dead and that it is time for DO-ers. Always scratch your own itch and under-do your competitors. Why do we want to outdo anyone when doing less can be as effective as doing more?

That is exactly the approach that Jeremy Bresnen and Mike Giles took with CIELE Athletics. Two brains put together to create the most simplistic product of all. Which is: The best running cap of all time. Nothing revolutionary, but something reworked and redefined.

Jeremy and Mike are two guys that I have known for a few years now that always came up with great idea projects – ideas that always rotated around simplicity. Mike said, “Let’s take the simplest product and make the most out of it,” and the rest is history. CIELE for the moment consists only of running caps. The difference between theirs and the rest of the competition is simplicity and function.

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