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Ronhill Turkey


Dr. Ron Hill started running at Grammar School in the 1950s. Not for medals or to set personal bests. But because comic book hero Alf Tupper - The Tough Of The Track - showed him anyone could do it. Like Alf, Ron discovered running was something he could do off his own bat, any time, and on any terms. Running was independence, pure freedom. He felt good so he got on with it.

Things started to get serious when Ron got a scholarship to study textile chemistry at the University of Manchester. He was in digs with a couple of lads who also had a taste for running. They got into proper training. Ron read books about diets. He did a Ph.D. partly so he could carry on running competitively. He got a job, bought a house close enough to let him run to work

And, in the late 1960's all those years of running and studying just sort of clicked. That's when Dr. Ron the man started to become Ronhill, the legend. Running 100 miles a week, you start to realize where the weak spots are. And for Ron, it was the clothes. In the 1960s, there was nothing. Just cotton shorts that weighed a tonne when wet. No waterproofs, no lightweight shoes, no vents.

So, Ronhill made them. Developing designs that no one had seen before - like The Freedom Shorts with a side split. Creating new textiles that took moisture away from the skin. And collaborating on and championing shoe brands like Reebok and Nike.

Today's industry standards were Ronhill world firsts.

250ml Fuel Flask


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Beanie and Glove Set


Contour Beanie & Glove Set


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